From August 2015 Unconference

From August 2015 Unconference kickoff session


We are Lean and Six Sigma professionals in the Portland, Oregon area conducting pro-bono projects for local non-profit organizations.

Lean Portland is committed to developing leadership skills of members and local non-profit organizations through project-based volunteer work that lead to continuous improvement. It has been a formalized professional organization since 2010 with the ultimate goal to teach themselves out of a job by developing people’s capabilities and creating lasting impacts in the larger community.

Lean Portland focuses on creating educational opportunities for members that are directly connected to pro-bono projects for local non-profit organizations. Lean Portland also provides members with networking and educational events, as well as the opportunity to build lasting relationships with other members and non-profit organizations. By creating an open source of methods, resources, and projects completed by the group, communities through the world will be able to replicate successes and learn from mistakes.

Lean Portland was first conceived in 2010, and pro-bono consulting began in 2012, and was formally registered as an LLC and a Benefit company in 2017.

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