Lean PDX update for Jan 2016

A few updates on our recent progress with Lean PDX…

Community Consulting

The Lean Portland community consulting group met tonight to keep the momentum up. We’ve been taking action to realize the vision that we, lean practitioners,  can and want to ‘do good’ with people that need it – ie. public service organizations. A few years ago we did this, and you can read about it here. Now we’re thinking through how we can scale a model to multiple teams and standardize, so we can reach more people.

We had a discussion about whether we should be the hammer looking for the nail, or design a custom approach every time. We talked about consistently doing point improvements and implementing Daily Management System to sustain. We agreed we’d like to do a “Train the Trainer” model with client teams. This will allow us to create standard tool trainings, and reuse them on an ongoing basis.

Lastly, we talked about how we could all probably meet regularly with client teams for a bi-weekly late afternoon session, plus perhaps sporadic full day efforts if needed. Since most of us work full-time, committing about an hour or two per week seemed reasonable.

We also re-organized our shared files using Google Drive. It was a pedantic thing to do, but also an important one. We need a shared and organized clearinghouse for files.

Leadership Team

We are also in discussion about what may be the long-term results of our Lean initiatives, at organizations that are ready for it, and that is a transformation of the organization model that is based on The Living Organization model that we are considering adopting for the Lean PDX organization. We also decided on the next “Unconference,” scheduled for Saturday April 16th from 8:00 AM to Noon.

If you are interested in participating in either group, please contact us to find out when and where we meet.

The 2016 LeanPDX UnConference, Kinda (LUCK) 2.0 scheduled for April 16th

Are you passionate about Lean? Looking to increase the uptake and success of Lean? Looking to meet fellow

Lean fans for mutual assistance and a sense of community?

Then attend our second UnConference on April 16th, 2016! Only, we’re adding some scheduled programs this time, so it’s only “kinda” an UnConference. (Thank you Maria for rounding out our acronym.)

YOU are called upon to attend, in order to review and approve the LeanPDX vision created by the LeanPDX Leadership Team, and to answer the question, “What shall our cross-industry, Portland area Lean community (spanning manufacturing, distribution, software, services, government, nonprofit, healthcare, hospitality, and other sectors) pursue in the coming year to increase Lean adoption?”

Plus, pizza.