Quick Recap of Unconference

After the event, it was decided that we would have a few major categories of action in the next 12 months

  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Team Building
  • Outreach

We expect to sponsor a pro-bono Lean project some time in the coming 12 months — which will represent an incredible opportunity for you to share your Lean expertise, and to learn Lean even more deeply in a hands-on setting, while helping a deserving local non-profit.

We will be posting more updates to the LinkedIn group and to those on the newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter at the right side of the website.

I’ve uploaded some photos from our recent event: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B53ijnsG2dbpfnFCRmhDM3Nudm9qdVY2NmItbmQwMFhERUcwNVp5RFA0Wkk0M3BfdFlCZG8&usp=sharing

IMG_1693  IMG_1688 IMG_1698

If you attended, and have other photos to share, please upload them to the drive, or contact me to obtain access.

Announcement from Lean Portland – August 2015 UnConference planned

July 2 – Several organizers of Lean Portland met today and agreed that Lean Portland will hold an UnConference on a Saturday in mid to late August. As soon as we agree on the specific date, we will post an update on the Lean PDX LinkedIn page for interested persons. Add your email address below to ensure you don’t miss the announcement.

The UnConference will be for all practitioners (and would-be practitioners) of Lean in the greater Portland metro area, and will pose the question:

How can we best build a cross-industry Lean community (spanning manufacturing, distribution, software, services, government, nonprofit, healthcare, hospitality, and other sectors) in the greater Portland area that shares best practices and improves life for all?

Attendees will be invited to bring problems, solutions, challenges, resources, and their own boundless personal creativity.

Past Lean Portland activities have included site visits, pub meetings, and an exceptional Pro Bono project for the nonprofit Friends Of The Children (FOTC), recently profiled on Lean.org.

Organizers are confident that the August UnConference will give rise to spontaneous order including specific action plans to increase the reach and success of Lean in all parts of our community.

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