Holding Gains at Rebuilding Center

Today’s LeanPDX session with the Rebuilding Center jumped off from the momentum generated by the RBC’s warehouse meeting earlier in the week. They did some 5S training on their own and prioritized what they would be working on going forward.

At the top of that list was “Holding Gains”, which means different things to different people – from reducing rework and motion around the warehouse when an material is moved around, to the Standardize and Sustain concepts from 5S, even Leader Standard Work.

This week’s session stared out with how we could begin to really practice the discipline of standardized work, as well as sustain both ongoing operations and the smaller projects that the RBC has done with Lean PDX (see the Welcome Stations and Lumber Yard 5S posts).

This first step in creating this discipline is a standardized “closing procedure” checklist that Steve drafted up today, and will experiment on over his next few shifts.  This will primarily focus on warehouse safety readiness for the following day’s shift, but also ensuring the projects that have been kicked off are being sustained.  It will be backed up by the start of a management system to track the checklist usage and abnormalities that become visible from it (which is where we will pick things up next week).

Great work this week from the emerging Lean Leaders at the Rebuilding Center!

-Jared Davis

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