Lean Management System work at Rebuilding Center

by Jared Davis
Developing the capabilities of people is a key task of a high functioning management system, as well as showing respect for everyone in the organization.  It’s that task that Lean PDX and the Rebuilding Center are transitioning into.  To do that, a manager and veteran employee have been the focus of the past two development sessions, where we have built tools to ‘hold the gains’ and enable the Rebuilding Center’s improvement efforts to continue.
The shop closing checklist developed last session has been experimented with and modified to be an’opening’ checklist, with safety and maintenance of past improvement projects as the primary objectives.  To pair with this checklist, we mocked up a (to be named) board to celebrate the gains, showcase what is being worked on and manage the incoming improvement ideas. Just like the opening checklist, this will go through many iterations, but it will be a vehicle to develop the people and refine the management system.