Productive planning session using Business Model Canvas

With our new roles defined for Lean Portland, we decided to use a kaizen event format for planning next steps. We dedicated about 4 hours on Saturday, July 8th to align with the mission of our group, and make progress on our goals.

Attendees included Matt Horvat, Maria Grzanka, Thomas Cox, Ernest Mayer and Brion Hurley.

We decided to use the Business Model Canvas approach, to keep us organized and focused, and to better understand how we provide value to the community.

We identified four primary customers:

  • Public service organizations (nonprofits, government agencies, NGOs, not-for-profits)
  • Donors of public service
  • Senior consultants
  • Junior consultants

One of the key takeaways from the session was the role of potential donors of nonprofit organizations. If they are investing money, they might be interested in our assistance, to make sure the money is being used as efficiently as possible.

We will continue updating and refining the model over the next couple months, and we’ll be sharing it during our monthly happy hours.