Successful Lean Workshop with OEN and Friends

On June 19th, Lean Portland consultants Kjell Van Zoen and Brion Hurley conducted a 5-hour Lean and Green Workshop.

The event was coordinated by one of the nonprofit clients of Lean Portland, Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN), and the space was provided by Ruby Receptionists.

Over 30 attendees arrived to learn more about Lean concepts and tools. Attendees included OEN staff, Ruby employees, other nonprofit clients (Free Geek and The Rebuilding Center), and other local businesses interested in learning more.

The attendees learned about lean concepts such as: lean culture, respect for people, kaizen and continuous improvement, how lean can improve the environment, single piece flow vs batching, pull, kanban, the 8 deadly wastes, value streams, and much more!

The course was highlighted by a camera simulation, along with 2 improvement rounds, where teams implemented single piece flow, cellular layouts, kanban, and reduced customer defects.

Overall, the feedback was very positive, and plus/delta sheets were reviewed to make the next workshop even better!

Shorter, free Lean workshops are being setup in July and August. If you are interested in attending, visit the links below: