The 2016 LeanPDX UnConference, Kinda (LUCK) 2.0 scheduled for April 16th

Are you passionate about Lean? Looking to increase the uptake and success of Lean? Looking to meet fellow

Lean fans for mutual assistance and a sense of community?

Then attend our second UnConference on April 16th, 2016! Only, we’re adding some scheduled programs this time, so it’s only “kinda” an UnConference. (Thank you Maria for rounding out our acronym.)

YOU are called upon to attend, in order to review and approve the LeanPDX vision created by the LeanPDX Leadership Team, and to answer the question, “What shall our cross-industry, Portland area Lean community (spanning manufacturing, distribution, software, services, government, nonprofit, healthcare, hospitality, and other sectors) pursue in the coming year to increase Lean adoption?”

Plus, pizza.