Update from our work with The Rebuilding Center

Matt Horvat and Jared Davis facilitate lean event at The Rebuilding Center

The Rebuilding Center is engaged in a current state mapping, future state mapping and action planning event series facilitated by Jared, Matt and volunteers from Lean Portland.

It doesn’t have to be complicated – just customer focused! During a one day event in early September 2016, the staff improvement team became secret shoppers to gain a customer perspective and presented a mock newscast interview (set in the year 2020) to shape a vision of the Future State.

This is setting the stage for the group to rapidly tackle festering issues, like making measuring tape easy to find, as well as plan for larger projects like shaping the checkout experience. Fun stuff!

More updates coming soon, as we continue with follow-up events. Make sure you are connected with our social media accounts, or subscribe to our newsletter.

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